A one-time investment to kick-start your very own business to help you survive in a thriving economy.

Are you passionate about becoming your own boss? Can you portray great customer service & marketing skills? Do you need that extra income now that the budget has passed? If you have a love for Jewellery, then complete our form near the bottom of this page:

•Earn an Extra Income with minimal effort
•Offer your clients an exclusive range of over 3000 products
•Unlimited earning potential, you decide how much you want!
•Quality products & prices your clients wont be able to resist!
•We'll support & guide you all the way!


* Our Jewellery collection is gorgeously affordable as we cut out the middleman by designing + sourcing in-house.
* Much of our range is exclusively our own design.
* We are constantly designing so there is always something different to show your customers.
* We maintain good stock levels.
* Each piece of Jewellery is beautifully presented.
* We offer a personalised after sales service. We wish to protect our good reputation and enhance business with your retail customer.

Our business is growing but there are still areas where we are not represented. We would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us directly to discuss further.

Build your business by becoming financially independent with The CCB Brands. We are passionate about empowering you, to become self sufficient.

You can overcome challenging circumstances with confidence while running your own business.

Cherise Castle-Blugh Jewels is a Luxury Jewellery lifestyle brand empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through our innovative social retail opportunity.


* Business kit with over $900 worth of Jewellery + essential marketing materials
* Exclusive 30-50% off at all times
* Free Jewellery!
* Kit Upgrade when you feel you are ready to invest more.


* Custom Online Facebook Boutique + unique URL
* Training in Entrepreneurship through The Timely Entrepreneur business group and Website
* Marketing Center (Receive tips I. Your inbox daily on branding, marketing, selling and more) + social media tools


* Care Team (for you + your customers!)
* Dedicated corporate support
* Guidance from team leaders


* Run your business the way that best suits you - pop-up shops, social media + in-person events
* Flexible commitment – you decide your own schedule + hours
* Set your personal goals + explore new passions along the way!

Transform into confident leaders and entrepreneurs today!


Getting started is so simple and easy, all you need is motivation, sales flare and a client base ( family, friends, current clients and colleagues at work )

We will supply you with a printed Line sheet covering the items in your Budget Starter Business Kit, alongside the price you pay for each, the suggested retail price you can resell at and the profit made on each item. We will send you regular emails containing the latest products available to you and specials & discounted stock clearance items. No training is needed, our products will sell themselves! However, you will receive tips from The Timely Entrepreneur!

A Registration Form is required to be filled in to become a Consultant - this will ensure that you receive our latest stock releases & promotional jewellery items, order forms, a ring size chart and all the support you need to make your business successful!

Over the years direct sales has evolved from the traditional home party, to shows and exhibitions and most recently online. As a Cazabella consultant you will earn commission on all sales made whether they are face to face sales or online.


Our most successful consultants make their income through many sales avenues:

Home parties
Shows & Expos
Social media
Email blasts
Cazabella online sales
Growing a team – biggest income generator!


It is completely up to you. Many of our top consultants started part time and have been successful. If you are in a job with flexi hours or a job with many people – selling part time is a great way to earn extra income with very little effort.


We will work to get your orders to you on time, to ensure your clients get their Jewellery soon after placing their order with you. You will receive regular updates on stock availability, discounts, specials and the latest available designs.

We do not limit your business, so we do not put limits on how little or how much you can order, whether you need 5 or 50 Jewellery pieces of what’s available.

Become the CEO of your own fashion business when you launch your own fun + flexible business.


Register for Our Mini Entrepreneur Programme

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Jewellery Care & Cleaning

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces are very low maintenance and do come with a complementary specially treated cotton cleaning cloth to easily restore their shine and sparkle. We include in each package a "Care for Jewellery" sheet.

Gift Wrapping

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces comes beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving.


My gift certificates come beautifully presented and can be personalized with your own message.

My Personal Product Guarantee

I hope that you are happy with the unique Cherise Castle-Blugh designed jewellery piece you have selected and that your selection brings you blessings. Wear it with love. I thank you for your purchase. I proudly stand by my products. I am very passionate about creating for you and take great pride in my work and only source the highest quality jewellery components for my brands. I am constantly striving to improve my products, packaging and service, and will always welcome your feedback.


Love and Blessings,


Certified Jewellery Designer, Mineral & Gem Collector
Artisan Jewellery Designer, IGS Pro Member