My Ascent from Adversity through beautiful Jewellery.   

I am not ready to give a testimony. I have been prompted many times to do so but I was never moved to talk freely about my life's journey.

I feel my story's a bit too long and I honestly don't want all the sympathy that people will express. Besides, I still struggle. I have a long way to go from healing.  I don't want a sad story. I just want to live. I want to forget. But life has a way of bringing back up things from the past, especially things we wish to let go of. So it isn't always easy. I still hurt, I still cry often when my mind wanders back. I am still afraid. But I will be okay. My pains are preparing me for great victory. I trust in God that He has me. I know He's got me. So I will be ok. 

My Jewellery is for me-Soulful Therapy. 

Here's my story-but for now, just the part that I'm ready to share with you. 

One cold day, adversity came knocking at her door,

At first she didn't recognize it; at first she wasn't sure 

But the troubles they didn't go, they stayed a little bit more 

Her heart now completely broken - it was never like this before. 

She no longer knew what to look for 

As she searched for calmness through her broken form. 

But of love and peace, she knew no more, 

And she weathered her own life's storm. 


Now the scars they would remind her, of that broken child before 

The tears she still cry- they tell her- hold on a little more. 

Her sadness was her worship, and through her pain she prayed 

For His Mercy and Grace to save her 

From this unforgiving rain.


Through music she tried to release

The burdens of her brain 

But instead she only grew weaker 

With her bruises and the pain.

She had to find another area

To channel all that life will give her 

And so began her therapy 

When she started making Jewellery. 


Bead by bead she laid them out

And she made her very first chain 

She choked, she cried, she wanted to shout

But knew in her heart without a doubt 

That this is the therapy that will save her 

From the monsters inside her brain 


The Jewellery that she's making 

Brings her comfort from her pain 

If you listen closely to the stories she's creating 

You can still hear how hard it rains.


With her hands she played this time

To release the pains that were so unkind. 

The Jewellery she's created 

Will all tell her story in time. 


For those who purchase Cherise's Jewellery 

Please know that it isn't always easy 

Time's trials they have not stop

So please, in your prayers, forget her not.



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Jewellery Care & Cleaning

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces are very low maintenance and do come with a complementary specially treated cotton cleaning cloth to easily restore their shine and sparkle. We include in each package a "Care for Jewellery" sheet.

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