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Choose Your Charity

When you decide to purchase or gift one of our beautiful Jewellery designs, we invite you to join our Helping Others Survive Life Initiative.

We guarantee and pledge $5 for each jewellery sale. You can choose to select a charity or let the other people in the Helping Others Survive Life Initiative choose for you. No matter what, your purchase will support great causes around the World.
Cherise Castle-Blugh Jewellery is about more than personal fashion statements. It is also about helping those in need in whatever way we can and making the World a better place for us all. We intend to, and we purposely disrupt an industry to create an awareness and a buzz for a worthy cause. Below you will find some worthy causes that you can help directly impact with your new Jewellery. Read more about them and then help select what your impact is going to be.

Should you choose not to register your Jewellery for a charity, then don’t worry your impact is not lost. We add the pledged amount to the overall charity pool, and from here it gets divided into the charities that other Helping Others Survive Life Initiative members have already chosen to support.

Charities & NGOs

 Network for Good

Network for Good

Network for Good

Families in Action

Families in Action is dedicated to addressing many of the social ills facing our society

Families in Action

 The Butterfly Effect

A vehicle to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences

The Butterfly Effect

Halo Ooutreach Foundation

Create A Better Society for All

Halo Outreach Foundation

 Children & Family Psychoeducational Counselling Services

Based on the belief that the human soul is eternally valuable

Children & Family Psychoeducational Counselling Services

Yes She Can

To motivate, educate, support and celebrate the successes of women.

Yes She Can

To which charity/ NGO should we make a contribution on your behalf?

As an independently owned business, though small, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in and to impact the world and our community in a positive way.

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We continue to support NGO's and their efforts in making our world a better place to live in. If you would like your NGO to be listed here on our Website, please email us your information telling us what you do @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. That's all it takes. We will help you spread the word and the love. 

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Jewellery Care & Cleaning

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces are very low maintenance and do come with a complementary specially treated cotton cleaning cloth to easily restore their shine and sparkle. We include in each package a "Care for Jewellery" sheet.

Gift Wrapping

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces comes beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving.


My gift certificates come beautifully presented and can be personalized with your own message.

My Personal Product Guarantee

I hope that you are happy with the unique Cherise Castle-Blugh designed jewellery piece you have selected and that your selection brings you blessings. Wear it with love. I thank you for your purchase. I proudly stand by my products. I am very passionate about creating for you and take great pride in my work and only source the highest quality jewellery components for my brands. I am constantly striving to improve my products, packaging and service, and will always welcome your feedback.


Love and Blessings,


Certified Jewellery Designer, Mineral & Gem Collector
Artisan Jewellery Designer, IGS Pro Member




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