2017... there's much to say yet I wish to say nothing more on this year as I get ready to bid it a final, finally farewell. It has been one long, learning year. 

In 2017, I learned that life doesn't always go according to your New Years Resolution. All my 'Resoluting' was for nothing. In 2017, I was stopped short in my tracks. What did I learn?

In 2017, I learned that I needed to slow down. My anxiety got worse as I was taking on everything life threw at me in the most negative way.
In 2017, I learned to say ‘No’.
In 2017, I learned that I’m not appreciated in my home and that I needed to give up on that toxic family member without caring about anything else.
In 2017, I learned to give up. I had to give up on so many things and this is not a sign of defeat. But it is my way of healing and moving past the things that were slowing me down.
In 2017, I learned to trust my journey. I had no choice. Everything was happening so fast and I couldn’t respond. So I had to let it go and let life take course on its own.
In 2017, I learned that my marriage is only hard because of that one person who did everything to bring it down. Ask me why, I don’t know.
In 2017, I learned to fight. I fought battles that I never knew I could. I fought sickness and pain and physical fatigue. I fought depression and mental instability. I fought to live in 2017.
In 2017, I learned a little to deal with my fears of crawly things. My fears are worms and snakes...more or less anything that slides, slithers or crawls. I can see worms and not squirm so much now. I still hate it.
In 2017, I learned that I needed a break from my job and that my life and health is more important to me.
In 2017, I learned how much I am valued in my workplace. And because of that, I’ve learned to now take my time. Even to get there. But I must be quick to leave.
In 2017, I learned that my Ministry to the sick and shut-ins is so much more important to me than I actually ever realized. I just love Sr. Helen.
In 2017, I learned that God is faithful to His Word, to His faithful servants and to those who love Him and serve Him diligently. My spiritual father in Christ Jesus, Bro. Lynch was brought back to life by the Living God. I don’t know of a more faithful,humble servant to God.
In 2017, I learned how spiritually weak I had become.
In 2017, I learned to lean more on God’s understanding and less on my own. I can’t do anything without Him!
In 2017, I learned how important it is to read over things carefully. Yes, I only got one wrong in my Jewellery course and still graduated with First Class Honors but I had no reason to get that one question wrong. That is simply just inexcusable.
In 2017, I learned to become a better writer. Wait and you’ll see my new book in stores in 2018 by God’s Grace. Right now, my husband is the keep back. Hopefully he’ll come through, true to his word soon.
In 2017, I was taught patience. I didn’t learn it but I’ve had to practice A LOT of it in 2017.
In 2017, I learned that 2016 wasn’t so bad after all.
In 2017, I learned to take note of all that’s happening around me. A lot has been revealed.
In 2017, I learned some other Jewellery techniques. Pretty cool stuff.
In 2017, I learned to be honest. I learned to be honest about how I feel.
In 2017, I learned to express how I really feel. I have opened up a bit.
In 2017, I learned to be careful...with people and things.
In 2017, I have learned that no matter how prepared I think I am, I will never be fully prepared for what life throws at me.
In 2017, I have learned that I will never have all the answers and I don’t have to try to answer every question.
In 2017, I have learned that it’s not always ok to wear your heart on your sleeve. It is ok to shelter your heart when you feel the need to.
In 2017, I have learned that I can’t stop love from taking everything from me.

There is a lot I didn’t learn this past year too; and that’s okay. I have a new year to try again. A chance to get it done better; a chance to get it right this time; a chance at more love; a chance of greater happiness; a chance to feed and increase my faith in God; a chance to trust Him more; a chance to new love...I get another chance to live.

2017...I have survived.

2018...here I come.

I embrace all that you bring- the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the strengths and the weaknesses. Bring it!

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