Fresh water Pearl & Swarvoski Earrings EJ59

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Grade AAA Fresh water Pearl  & genuine Swarovski earrings 

Swarovski Crystals are some of the most recognized crystals made from Austrian Crystals. Swarovski Crystals are known for their high quality, brilliance and pure characteristics and they are the world famous Crystals used by many Crystal Jewellery designers as pendants and beads.

Swarovski Crystals are made from various colours including light to darker shades, to transparent hues and bold and smoky looks. You can choose from Swarovski Crystal colours such as the reds, yellows, the greens and blues, blacks and grays. Swarovski Crystals also come in surprising hues such as the cantaloupe which changes from pink to green to gray depending on the angle of reflected light. Other Crystals have colours added to them such as the violets, greens and blues. 

Swarovski Crystals can also be finished with an aurora borealis finish which is a blend of rainbow colours.

Our clients can choose Crystal Jewellery from a collection of different sizes such as heart shaped, bi-cone, cube and round faceted. Bi-cone Crystal beads have tapered ends while drop bi-cones have a hole on one end. Other Crystal pendants and beads are made in various shapes including stars, teardrops, crosses, crescents and snowflakes. 

Our round Freshwater cultured pearls make an excellent, affordable gift of good quality pearls.

As opposed to rice-shaped Freshwater pearls, these pearls are mostly round, and look very similar to Akoya pearls when worn, but are available for a much lower price.

Most Freshwater pearls come from China, and are the product of an elaborate process in which a single resilient mussel can be harvested many times, yielding several pearls at a time. To provide these pearls at an exceptional value, we offer them with good levels of quality, and set with either Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled chains and clasps.

The Freshwater pearl looks remarkably similar to the Akoya pearl, but Freshwater pearls are available for almost 1/5 the price of Akoya pearls. The only tradeoff is that Freshwater pearls are generally smaller, less symmetrical, and not as well matched when strung on a strand. But if you're looking for pearls at an outstanding value, Freshwater pearls are the perfect gift.

Coloured Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls can be created in a spectrum of colours. Many popular Colours - blue, teal, white, pink, orange, and other pastels - can be achieved through natural means, including the pearl mollusk's genetics, what they eat, and the amount and type of trace metals in the cultivating environment.

It is a widely-accepted practice to treat or irradiate Freshwater pearls in order to achieve a particular or unusual colour, and equally common to treat Freshwater pearls to create a more evenly-coloured strand. Pearl colours should always be chosen to complement the wearer's complexion and wardrobe preferences.

From a value standpoint, when selecting coloured pearls, it is important to understand if the colour is natural or the result of some post-harvesting treatment. For example, Tahitian pearls, cultivated in black lipped oysters, are the only naturally occurring charcoal to black pearls. It should be made clear to you that other pearls exhibiting these colours, have been treated, and that fact reflected in a lower cost. 

Our beautiful Freshwater cultured pearls are available as beautiful Jewellery in any design.

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