So I have been up to a whole lot lately. I didn’t stop writing. Matter of fact, I’ve been writing a whole lot. My new book is published!!! It’s an honour to have all you guys- my followers, take a read of what I bring to you in THE TIMELY ENTREPRENEUR.

Dear Entrepreneurs,
I know how you feel sometimes.
Tired, frustrated, defeated, overwhelmed, insufficient, overworked, alone...

Sometimes you feel like caving in and just giving up.

You’re fed up with people trying to tell you things you don't really believe will work or can understand.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a business coach. I do know some pretty good coaches though - if you need recommendations. I am an educator with over 24yrs in the field, I am an entrepreneur just like you, I have felt/feel what you felt/feel.

The never-ending list of the struggles of an Entrepreneur is exhausting, demoralizing and frightening.

One of the things all entrepreneurs share in common is the fear of not getting clients and not making money.

Without clients and money, none of the frills such as a pretty website matters...

Agree so far?

Hi, I'm Cherise Castle-Blugh, Educator, Jewellery Designer, Artist, Author, Lay Minister, Wife and Mother.

I simply love helping people. I wish people helped me during my entrepreneurial struggles, but they didn't. And yes, I did ask.

I'm a straight to the point person, a no BS girl, and I don't mess around with bluffs or nonsense that will confuse you...or confuse myself...

I'm only interested in giving you the systems, “soft-skills” strategies and tools you want (and need) to succeed... I will try.

Have a quick read of what others are saying about THE TIMELY ENTREPRENEUR’s Handbook ...

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Easy to use. It's a user friendly book. Great for the new entrepreneur. The language is not technical - broken down for the common man to understand.”
Aura Desuza - Entrepreneur Student

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "It's an easy to read and understand handbook for business.”
Shelly Jackson - Procurement Professional

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A good tool for new businesses and even for existing businesses that lack a structured approach to how they operate. Also it's a good handbook for students.”
Pat Govia - Project Manager

The Timely Entrepreneur is your business guide, your hand in hand companion at every junction of your business journey. Our Association/ Guide is your cheerleader throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Discover trade secrets, learn to plan, learn to grow wherever you are at in your business - in your 'up' times and in your 'down' times. Learn to use quiet business periods as moments of growth and investments. As Research Specialists for almost 20 years, my team and I have done the work and now we can provide you with the necessary steps and guide you through the planning and survival of your business.
You can now use the link below to pre-order your copy of THE TIMELY ENTREPRENEUR.

I only hope I can do as good a job of inspiring you, as I’ve been inspired, offering encouragement, professionalism, plus some tools to use along the way. May your Entrepreneurial Journey be filled with Creative Energy.

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