"Look! The power of God and the life of his Son are manifested in your weakness. Look! The life of Jesus is flowing through your suffering into the lives of other people. Look! God sustains you in your afflictions and will not let you be destroyed. Look! Your afflictions will not have the last word; you will rise from the dead with Jesus and with the church of God and live in joy for ever and ever. Look! Your afflictions are momentary. They are only for now, not for the age to come. Look! Your afflictions are light. Compared to the pleasures of what is coming they are as nothing. Look! These afflictions are producing for you, an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison...." John Piper

I don't know anyone who isn't weighed down by life's struggles. Not one of us willingly embraces trials and tribulations. We run from them. We do as much as we can to avoid them. They aren’t a joy and we can't see trouble as a blessing to our lives, much less to others. They simply aren’t things that we like and we'd rather steer clear of them.

When we struggle, when we are low, when we are down and over-burdened, God wants to comfort us.
At our lowest moment, we have God’s grace in our lives to see us through. At our weakest time and place, God wants us to know that He is most present. When we are most downcast, heartbroken, distraught, depressed, ashamed, angry, embarrassed, whatever- it is in that moment, that God most wants to give us comfort.

Today, God longs to comfort you. No matter what you are going through, God longs to give you comfort. He longs to console you. He longs to wrap you in His arms...just let Him in. Do not be afraid. He waits for you.
Let Him. He is there. Even if you can’t feel it. He is there. He will not leave you. No matter what is going on in your life today or what your past looks like, He will not desert you.

Because of our struggles, we can console others. We can tell those that are hurting that we understand because we've been there. They are not alone. And we understand. We know this pain too.
God will you use the pain in your life right now, to be a blessing to someone else. Be open to Him. Be still, and know that it He is God.

If we can give that pain to Him, if we can just allow Him to have it, allow Him to give us grace, He will use that pain to help others.
That’s what He does. He redeems everything.
Today, no matter what you are going through, in time, God will use it for a blessing. Today, hold on.
Hold fast.
Cling to Him...even if it's with your last breath and know that it is worth everything.
And trust...trust that in His time, He will set you free.
Allow Him to comfort you today.
And in time, you will be able to comfort others.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Blessings


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