I love the saying, "The future is of use only to those who live in the present.” by Alan Watts.

Indeed there are times in my life when I feel I'm falling behind as the world is moving at such a fast pace. 

This emotion of inferiority moves me out of the present moment and into a dark abyss of fear that I won’t live up to the expectations of others or what I believe I could live up to. It makes me feel incomplete and insufficient in this present moment, even though I know I'm being paranoid about my present state of life. Because my anxiety was getting worse, I realized I needed to change my thinking. 

I may be struggling with a few things and I feel lost a bit at times, but that doesn’t mean something is wrong with me or that I’m not good enough at what I do. 

For me, this means I get the challenge to work on myself and define my goals, my passions, and my purpose.

As long as I fully accept and understand this, I tend to not feel insecure and overly paranoid about my life situations.

 As long as I fully accept who I am, my insecurity falls away.

Self-actualization and making this kind of shift in my mind's thinking is not as easy as it sounds, but it’s the most important step towards developing self-understanding and ultimately, achieving self-liberation. And by that I mean placing your higher self in the driver’s seat with your ego-self as a passenger rather than the other way around.

Your mind is powerful, and overthinking is the cause of excessive anxiety and fear. When my paranoia and negative thoughts surface, fueling my anxiety, I lose sight of this present moment and I'm immediately shifted into an obsession over how I think my life should be and where I think I should be in my life by now. 

Often, our perceptions about how we live our lives come from other people. The thing is, they are seeing things from their own lens, which reflects their experiences, not ours. I've decided to create my own life experiences and not live on the basis of how others live or how they expect me to live. 

We can also get stuck comparing our personality, skills, and progress to what others have achieved—as I often do when I use social media—and then think we are lacking in comparison. But the people we compare ourselves to are on completely different paths than us, and in reality they provide no accurate benchmark for our own journey, (as I noted in a previous blog post).

The only persons to which we should ever compare ourselves to, is our past self to what we’d like our future self to be. This way, we can experience our own growth. However, if you’re harshly critical and cruel to your self, you can become your own worst enemy.

Sometimes we do need to be critical of ourselves, but it’s important to do it in a loving, compassionate way that seeks real, deep change, not in a way that brings us down and demotivates us from taking healthy steps towards change.

One of the hardest things to learn is that the past doesn’t have to mean anything about our worth.

What we call “lack” should really be seen as an opportunity for growth. If you see the present state or situation as a failure and merely the means to an end, it can make you feel like you won’t be happy until you have something more, and you set yourself up for disappointment.

When we move towards living our best self in the present moment, we clear the paths to our journey of happiness that exists for us to take advantage of. 

While I want to grow and do more with my life, I also know that I am perfect just the way I am right now. Fully accepting and believing this, fills me with energy that I can channel to achieve my goals rather than waste it on worrying that I’m not good enough.

When I allow myself to accept who I am and my state of life in this present moment, without worrying too much about my future, but just believing that my situation will get better, I feel a calmness, a warm sense of peace. I could choose to think about all the things I wish were different, but all that does is make me anxious and unhappy, and it certainly doesn’t put me in a state of mind and heart needed to change any of those things.

Sometimes, all we need is a small shift in our mindset to realize that challenges are opportunities and our greatest teachers.

It's an opportunity to experience the great fullness of this life. All is as it should be, and you are perfect just the way you are. Never allow anyone to tell you otherwise and dull your sparkle. 

Both your pains and your joys make you who you are. YOU! 

Choose to learn from the past and use it to plan for the future. But it is important to live for the now. The present is what is. 

Peace, Love, Happiness and Blessings,


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