My once beautiful White Double Pearl Necklace is now a nasty yellowish brown stained Pearl Necklace!

What happened to my Beautiful White Pearls? Why did the colour change? Are they Real Pearls? Or are they Fake?
Let’s Find out…

Pearls are Organic

First, Pearls are organic. They are grown, nurtured, and they mature in water. A seed or irritant is injected into the oyster and the oyster reacts and covers that debris with a layer of Nacre. (What Pearls are made of). Over time, that Nacre grows in size as the layers build up and form a beautiful Pearl.

Pearls Absorb Oil

Pearls absorb oils and liquids that it comes in contact with. For example, the oil from your body actually soaks into the outer shell of the Pearl, moisturizing them, and keeping them Shiny, Bright and Lustrous!
A problem then arises when the Pearl has no oil to absorb anymore. When you store your Pearls in a Jewellery box or bags for a prolonged period, they actually dry out.
It doesn’t matter if you separate them from your other Jewellery either or roll them up individually to protect them. Rolling them up actually causes them to become dry and brittle even quicker! The Nacre or Outer Shell starts to chip off and break around the holes. But, it’s not the protection that’s causing them to dry out-it’s the lack of oil! Oils give Pearls their life.

Some people think that Genuine Pearls don’t change colours. “If they change colour, they must be Fake or Synthetic.”
Absolutely NOT true! Those Pearls are Real. On the contrary, it’s the fake or synthetic pearls that won’t change colour!

How Do You Prevent Your Pearls From Changing Colour

The only way to keep your Genuine Pearls from aging, drying out and becoming brittle and changing colour, is to wear them!
Wear your precious Pearls at least once a month. The Pearls will absorb the oils from your body and it will keep them looking brilliant. The Nacre will stay shiny and iridescent.
Use them or lose them! Pearls are meant to be worn! Wear your treasure!

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