“Commissions and bespoke work are a huge part of our business.
New and previous clients come to us, sometimes with a very specific design in mind and in other cases they may want a particular gemstone, or a ring in a particular metal or they may simply want to mark an occasion with a memorable piece of jewellery.” Cherise

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Well I'm getting ready to open up my studio to my clients and it has been hectic. All the physical and mental preparations are a bit overwhelming, but I'm pushing through. My special clients will have the privilege of viewing unique Jewellery pieces as well as some of my Artworks. This would be my first go at having a lot of my Art displayed. You can check out my Facebook Art page at Cherise's Art Gallery. So very soon, you will be able to book your private viewings in Studio No.29. I will reveal more as time goes by.

Other news: I'm also in the beginning stages and creative process of designing my Holiday Collection. I'm going to continue to work on Sterling Silver and Gold Filled pieces. For the gents, I would use Stainless Steel. The ideas have been percolating in my head and I've begun initial sketches of some handmade wire beads of my own for an element of uniqueness - now is the time to begin prototypes and actual pieces. I will slowly tease with some pics on Facebook via the Cherise Castle-Blugh Jewels page as I don't want to override some important upcoming holidays like Republic Day and Divali. So I'm hoping to launch fully, sometime after Divali.

My focus in the meantime would be my Studio.
So if you live or are driving through Diego-Martin, stop by on the hill, and support local and handmade Jewellery from your favourite designer, Cherise?

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog, I hope you have a fabulous long weekend!
Happy Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago!

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I have been working on this piece for almost a year. I finally think I got what I wanted. This beautiful Art-Deco Pearl Brooch is my masterpiece today. 



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So this weekend was a really busy one, probably one of my worst weekends too but that's a story for my blogs.  Anyway, we've been in Studio soldering away some Electroplated Quartz into Pendants. We're not quite finished designing yet but take a look at what we're working on.






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Life was tough for a lil while but I can finally breathe a sense of relief! My exams are over! Your Jewellery Designer is now certified! How cool is that? Received my certificate yesterday-April 4th 2017. A+ Honors! Oh Yeah that's ME! It was frustrating but worthwhile. Look at my desk below. I almost ate a whole packet of snow mints just before my exams! Great things ahead for me and my business. Thank you all for your continued support in what I do. My friends, Hard Work Yields Great Success!!!



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Jewellery Care & Cleaning

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces are very low maintenance and do come with a complementary specially treated cotton cleaning cloth to easily restore their shine and sparkle. We include in each package a "Care for Jewellery" sheet.

Gift Wrapping

All Cherise Castle-Blugh pieces comes beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving.


My gift certificates come beautifully presented and can be personalized with your own message.

My Personal Product Guarantee

I hope that you are happy with the unique Cherise Castle-Blugh designed jewellery piece you have selected and that your selection brings you blessings. Wear it with love. I thank you for your purchase. I proudly stand by my products. I am very passionate about creating for you and take great pride in my work and only source the highest quality jewellery components for my brands. I am constantly striving to improve my products, packaging and service, and will always welcome your feedback.


Love and Blessings,


Certified Jewellery Designer, Mineral & Gem Collector
Artisan Jewellery Designer, IGS Pro Member