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Creating my handmade designer Jewellery is my joy and passion. Cherise's Jewellery Studio is proud to feature a broad selection of designer Jewellery in a warm inviting atmosphere with personal service. We are a brand that specializes in custom design, handmade and handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery, pearl & bead restringing. In addition to our custom design service, you will find our show cases abound with a vast selection of gemstones and ethnic beads set in 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. We take pride and satisfaction in being able to positively interpret and execute unique designs to celebrate life's important moments.

Before it gets to you,  the components to each piece in our collection has passed through many skilled hands: from gem miners all over the world, to stonecutters in India, to metal suppliers in New Mexico, and in my Studio, the production process begins and ends. My studio is where the Jewellery magic happens!

Exceptional Quality and Traditional craftsmanship is the foundation for our fine, handmade Jewellery. Our careful precision in our craft demands accuracy and a great skill that will allow our work to be free from imperfection, and result in consistently stunning, fine, crafted Gem Jewellery. 

Each piece begins its life as a sketch. Then the raw materials are sourced. Our Jewellery is meticulously put together by hand, cut, drilled, glazed, gilded and soldered over the course of its creation. Then the piece is ready to be strung or posted with .925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold filled components.(or material of customer's request)

We are dedicated to the fine, handmade quality of each and every piece that leaves Cherise's Studio, in wearable luxuriousness. Experience effortless style from our Studio!

I will be showing what's creating on my work bench at times, so do visit this page often!

 This is my paperwork area. I have my final exam on Jewellery Designing soon so I have been utilizing this space a lot.

This is my production bench where all the creating actually happens unless I'm traveling. I like to create when I'm 'on the go' too. But I like a really neat space when I'm creating.

 And this here, is my Display table. I feel inspired by my own creativity and pretty soon I'm opening my Studio up to my beautiful customers. I'll let you know more in time.


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My Personal Product Guarantee

I hope that you are happy with the unique Cherise Castle-Blugh designed jewellery piece you have selected and that your selection brings you blessings. Wear it with love. I thank you for your purchase. I proudly stand by my products. I am very passionate about creating for you and take great pride in my work and only source the highest quality jewellery components for my brands. I am constantly striving to improve my products, packaging and service, and will always welcome your feedback.


Love and Blessings,


Certified Jewellery Designer, Mineral & Gem Collector
Artisan Jewellery Designer, IGS Pro Member


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